What Sets Us Apart

Belinda’s training in management accounting makes a her not only highly skilled in accounting, but also in the management and strategy aspects of business. What this means is that rather than simply being a number cruncher, she aims to become further involved with your business, and work with you in partnering towards new heights.

The Big Picture

Often we can get lost in the numbers and lose sight of our goals as business owners. Belinda can help you keep on that track. No matter the size of your company, Belinda will bring her savvy detail-oriented style to you. This means a fresh analytical eye on your bottom line. From simple year-end accounting to consulting on financial optimization, Belinda can be your partner in success.

Belinda speaks your language. If you are already working with a bookkeeper or an external accounting service, Belinda can take that data and consult, advise and strategize with you on what that data means and the steps you can take to improve your bottom line.

Crunching the Numbers

Need a helping hand with your own bookkeeping? Belinda is also qualified as Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She can advise you on the best way to manage your accounting software to match your business needs. She can consult with you on internal controls and financial systems and help you streamline your payroll and sales tax systems.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Belinda will consult with you and help you attain a clearer picture of your accounting and financial strengths and weaknesses. She’ll work with you in supporting your bottom line and guide you towards a better understanding of your fiscal management.

If you already have a bookkeeper and an external accountant, but aren’t quite ready to add an accountant to your staff, you can contract Belinda as your internal accountant/controller. She will oversee the work of the bookkeeper, provide year-end analysis and working papers for the external accountant, and provide interim reporting between year ends for you – all of which helps you with the timely management of your bottom line.

Throughout her years on the North Shore, Belinda has met and worked with fantastic business owners. An area that she is particularly passionate about is owner-managed companies. With her management accounting background, she has the expertise to help you see the big picture and grow your company.


Quotes From Clients

  • “Above average, I turn to her for explanations. She gets back to me quickly and gives me honest answers, keeps up with things”
  • “Very professional”
  • “Definitely reliable, she doesn’t make promises she can’t keep”
  • “Looks at the whole picture & plays win/win”
  • “Really know where I stand”
  • “Very thorough, asks questions, helps with C.R.A.”
  • “I don’t have to leave my office, can deal with her over the Internet, very convenient”
  • “Small company that gives personal attention, no delays in answering questions, very accessible”